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What is Fintech?

Global financial services are about to be majorly disrupted by a concept known as Financial Technology or in short known as “Fintech”. As our world moves towards digital innovation it was only a matter of time that this innovation would touch the financial industry. As such, since 2008 major financial disruption started to appear in the form of world’s first digital currency “Bitcoin”. Since, various innovations started across the financial world in the form of mobile payments, automated risk management, crowdfunding etc. As of January 2016, about $7 billion were invested globally in Fintech companies. Adding to that, about $2.6 billion were raised by Fintech companies based in Asia. The key to Fintech market and success matters in three things:

a. Market size

b. Technology enablement

c. Regulation flexibility

Why do we need it in Bangladesh?

The overall climate in Bangladesh and our growth aspiration for a digital nation makes it a formidable proposition. However, in order for such market to growth there should be a deeper understanding of the sector and at the same time participation of different parties involved in this industry. Poised to be a country with a large youth population enabled by digital technology in the coming ten years, we stand in a position to rock this industry! On top of that today or tomorrow, the world of financial industry will completely move towards Fintech. Various financial hubs and nation have already taken measures to embrace this revolution. Therefore, it is definitely the right time for us to embrace and excel in this industry.

How do we do it?

The basic to start in this industry is to gain considerable knowledge. As financial industry existed strongly for centuries it is very important to understand it holistically. Only when a clear understanding is drawn, innovation can succeed. Along with that, technology plays a key part. The ability to draw relevant technologist or to develop them would require high level of specialization, sophistication and credibility. Lastly, but not the least it is quintessential to align with the key players in the market through collaboration with incumbents, other innovators and regulators.

Where can we start?


BD Fintech is such an initiative where all these factors are merged to provide the platform necessary for Fintech actualization. Focused in Bangladesh, we provide mentoring, validation of ideas, connecting investors, collaborating with other innovators, incumbents and regulators. Moreover, BD Fintech is the gateway in Bangladesh to connect up with the global Fintech diaspora. Our mission is to create Bangladesh as a thriving “Fintech Delta” and our vision is to put Bangladesh as one of the leading “Fintech Hub” in the world. Managed by experts and some of the biggest players in the Fintech industry BD Fintech provides every Bangladeshi fintech enthusiast the opportunity to come onboard this incredible voyage.


Establish Bangladesh as a thriving “Fintech Delta”


Position Bangladesh as one of the leading “Fintech Hubs” in the world

Our Approach

Managed by experts and some of the biggest players in the Fintech industry we provide every Bangladeshi fintech enthusiast the opportunity to come onboard this incredible voyage. 

Man Behind The Wheels

The founder of BDFintech is Sheikh Mohammed Irfan is a MIT Fintech graduate and an advocate of the global FinTech community he is also co-founder of the Global FinTech Village

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